I register trademarks and draft contracts for small businesses and creatives so that you can own your brand, protect your business, and grow the most valuable asset in your business, your name.

Are you stealing privacy policies and terms and conditions from other websites, hoping not to get caught? Better yet, are you praying that nobody steals your content or worried that somebody is using your trademark? Does it seem like you are waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to the legal side of your business?

Join the other business owners who are ready to implement a legal strategy in their business. Trademark services are available for business owners in all 50 states.


What can I help you with?

Wilson Murphy Law works with businesses in all 50 states for trademark services.

Hey, I'm Michelle

I’m a trademark and contracts attorney that makes sure your business is bulletproof, legally.

I use the law so that no one can profit of the brand you worked tirelessly to create. And I draft your contracts to ensure that no one tries to take advantage of you. You’re a creative and you don’t have time to learn about the law. But that’s why I’m here and I’m so thankful that you found me.

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Kind Words

How sweet it is to be loved by you

``Michelle Wilson was my Third stop in starting my online presence, she should have been the first! Starting an internet presence isn't as simple as creating a username! Michelle understood what I was trying to accomplish and WE are PROTECTING ME and my FUTURE SUCESS!``
Latifah at Elite Vivant

In efforts to ensure my existing contract was professional I hired Michelle Wilson for a contract review. Considering it was 8 pages of information I composed I wasn’t sure if was covering everything it needed to cover. Michelle Reviewed my contract and made suggestions on how I could improve it. Her response time and communication during the process was excellent. I am now 100% certain that my contract is professional and detailed. I would recommend her services and look forward to referring her to those who may need her expertise.
Dondrea at The Creative's CFO

I'm a CPA for online small business owners, and I hired Michelle to review my service contract. I was aware of certain areas that needed stronger language and revisions, but Michelle was able to make suggestions that were simple for my clients to understand and that emphasized specific terms of service to protect both parties. Her turnaround time was swift, and she was incredibly responsive to my questions.

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