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Wilson Murphy Law is only registering IN USE trademarks, doing legal audits, drafting and reviewing contracts.

Trademark Registration: $3000

At Wilson Murphy Law, the uniqueness and brand value of your business are held in the highest regard. Leveraging our proprietary “BrandSecure™ Pathway”, our in use trademark registration filing service stands out in its approach to businesses actively deploying their trademarks in commerce.

Initiating with our Discovery Phase, we delve into the assessment of your trademark’s current commercial utilization, laying the foundation for the subsequent stages. Through our Validation Phase, we meticulously collate evidence highlighting your trademark’s active market presence. The Strategic Compilation stage then ensures your filing is attuned perfectly to the legal nuances, maximizing its efficacy.

Upon reaching the Submission & Monitoring phase, your trademark registration is filed with precision, and its status is continuously tracked, ensuring swift action on any updates. Finally, our Post-Registration Support ensures your brand remains protected, offering insights on maintenance, renewals, and defense against potential infringements.

With the BrandSecure™ Pathway, businesses not only gain the fortified legal protection they seek but also the peace of mind that stems from our structured, thorough approach to safeguarding their brand’s identity in a bustling market landscape.


When it comes to ensuring your business operates with unwavering legal soundness, look no further. This package is designed to alleviate your concerns and provide comprehensive insights into your company’s legal standing. With our unparalleled service, you will gain a precise understanding of your requirements, empowering you to strategically plan for future legal endeavors. Say goodbye to worries and embrace the confidence of a legally fortified business.

This package includes a:

  • Comprehensive Brand and Business Compliance Examination ($250 Value):
    • Thorough review of your business structure, succession plan, licensing, hiring practices, brand and content protection, insurance coverage, website compliance, necessary contracts, and marketing compliance.
    • Provides a holistic view of your business’s legal standing and highlights areas that require attention.
  • Personalized Written Legal Report ($750 Value):
    • Tailored report based on the examination results.
    • Actionable suggestions and recommendations to secure your business and achieve future goals.
  • One-Hour Consultation and Q&A Session ($275 Value):
      • Review of the written legal report during a dedicated one-hour consultation.
      • In-depth discussion of recommendations and clarification of any questions or concerns.

Don’t miss out on this comprehensive package valued at $1,275, designed to give you a clear understanding of your legal position and empower you to protect your business effectively.

Contract review: Starting At $750

At the firm, we understand the intricate complexities and potential pitfalls that can lurk within business contracts. The attorney has a profound expertise in meticulously reviewing a broad array of business contracts, including but not limited to website terms and conditions, non-disclosure agreements, service agreement contracts, and privacy policies. The attorney’s deep-seated knowledge is derived from numerous years of professional experience that ensures she provides a comprehensive and detailed review of every contract. The focus is to mitigate risks, protect your business interests, and foster successful transactions. The firm prides itself on the ability to unravel complex legal jargon and translate it into clear, comprehensible terms, enabling you to make well-informed business decisions.

This firm not only reviews your contracts, but are strategic advisors, offering practical advice and insights to safeguard your business from potential legal complications. At this law firm the goal is to empower businesses to navigate legal landscapes with confidence and peace of mind.

Contract Drafting: Starting at $1000

Possessing a depth of experience in crafting a wide range of agreements—from website terms and conditions to non-disclosure agreements, from service agreement contracts to privacy policies—this firm brings a nuanced and in-depth understanding to each contractual document.

Beyond mere contract creation, the process involves a deep understanding of the unique needs and expectations of each client’s business. Such understanding enables the tailor-made crafting of every contract, ensuring a perfect fit for each specific situation.

Holding firm to the belief in clarity over complexity, contracts are drafted that are not only legally robust but also lucid and straightforward. The focus remains on creating contracts that safeguard the clients’ interests while fostering amicable relationships between all parties involved.

Engaging with this firm means more than merely getting a contract drafted—it signifies receiving a custom legal blueprint that assists businesses to thrive while circumventing potential legal issues. With a meticulous approach and an unwavering commitment to client success, one can rest assured knowing contractual needs are in experienced and reliable hands


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“Michelle Murphy is someone you want on your legal team”

If you’re looking for an attorney that you can trust, then look no further. Michelle Murphy is someone you want on your legal team. Michelle is professional, patient, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Michelle Murphy to anyone.


Michelle Murphy is the proprietor of Wilson Murphy Law, a firm dedicated to aiding small businesses in sidestepping potential legal pitfalls as they expand and secure their operations.

Over the course of her career, Michelle has successfully guided a multitude of business owners, instilling in them a sense of tranquility and assurance through her adept protection of their business interests.