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Michelle Murphy is a Florida Barred attorney with a decade of legal experience, four of which are dedicated exclusively to supporting small businesses. She boasts a robust background in business law and intellectual property, gained from Nova Southeastern University. Her expertise lies in providing legal services to creative entrepreneurs, content creators, online business owners, and those in professional services.

Michelle distinguishes herself through her unique perspective as a former blogger and a current small business owner. Familiar with the many roles of a business owner—ranging from marketing to reception duties, and of course, legal oversight—she keenly understands the challenges that her clients face.

In the realm of law, just as in business, Michelle knows the importance of playing to one’s strengths. Just as she has delegated accounting tasks within her own business, she offers her legal expertise to other business owners who need support in this complex arena.

Her mission is to support her clients in securing their success, by legally bulletproofing their operations. The digital era brings with it a host of new legal challenges and opportunities. Michelle navigates these intricacies through the drafting and reviewing of contracts and business and brand protection.


She strongly believes that understanding legal concepts should not be a struggle. To this end, she has perfected the art of breaking down complex legal ideas into simple, understandable terms. She is a firm advocate for proactive legal measures, helping clients to secure their intellectual property rights and establish robust contracts.

By doing so, Michelle Murphy not only helps her clients to respond effectively to legal issues but also to anticipate and avoid them. With her guidance, clients are well-equipped to stay ahead of the game, legally secure and poised for success.

The goal is to convince you to be preventative, instead of reactive when it comes to the law

Hire her already!!! I’m so glad I chose Michelle to file my trademark. The entire process was seamless. Since then, I’ve purchased several other products from her. She’s very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend her!!

Paris Frazier

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