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Thank you for choosing Wilson Murphy Law to partner with for your small business legal needs. I am Michelle Murphy, a Florida barred small business and trademark attorney. I can work with clients all over the US on trademark and copyright issues because it is federally regulated. I can only help Florida businesses form their LLCs and Corporations, and become general counsel for a Florida business entity. All consultations are over the phone or video conferencing through Zoom.

Please fill out the form below and if there is no availability on your requested date, email [email protected] or call 561-870-0588.

*Clarity calls: Got one or two questions, and just want to know the legal process for your legal issue? A Clarity Call is perfect for you.

*Strategy session: Want to “pick my brain” or put some legal and business strategies in place to foster growth in your business? Then book a Strategy Session with Wilson Murphy Law.

If you decide to retain Wilson Murphy Law as counsel within 48 hours, your Clarity Call or Strategy Session fee will be put towards your legal services. If you do not show up for your call or session, the fee will not be refunded.