Clarity call

Save yourself from a $20,000+ trademark infringement lawsuit in 30 minutes.

Whether you've been in business for a few years or about to launch in a month or two, you need to make sure that the name that you're using isn't already a registered trademark. 

Being a business owner means making CEO decisions, and building a business on a name you don't own is not how a smart CEO flourishes.

And you know this, which is why you've decided to pass this to a trademark attorney who can help you determine how to proceed with your trademark.

And the good news is: I can help.   

The Trademark Clarity Call is a necessary step for your business.

This is a 30 minute call that will leave you feeling more confident in the name you've chosen for your business, save you tens of thousands (if not more) in a preventable lawsuit, and give you clarity (pun intended) on the not-so-easy to understand trademark registration process. 

And guess what? Saying "I didn't know I was infringing on a registered trademark" is not a defense to an infringement lawsuit. So you'll be asked to cough up the other company's lost profits from your business (and possibly personal) bank account when they sue you. 

Meet your​​​​ trademark attorney

I’m Michelle Murphy, the owner of Wilson Murphy Law. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to protect their brand through trademark registration so that no one profits from your brand without your permission or consequences. 

Over time, I’ve not only registered trademarks for the small businesses I’ve worked with, but I’ve educated them in the process. The women I work with understand what to do with their trademark after registration and how to leverage their trademarks after we’re done working together.

Kind Words

I am SO glad I hired Michelle! I'm disappointed that the company name I was IN LOVE WITH turned out to be already trademarked, but I'm equally as glad that I hired Michelle because I wouldn't have known. She saved me tons of time and money!


Business Owner

If you're looking for an attorney that you can trust, then look no further. Michelle Murphy is someone you want on your legal team. Michelle is professional, patient, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Michelle Murphy to anyone.

Debra B.


Curious about the Trademark Clarity Call?

Once you click the link,  you'll choose a date and time for your 30 minute call.  

You'll need to fill out the form so we can get to know more about your business, your trademark, and your goods/services so we can conduct the knockout trademark search.

Next, I’ll do a search on the USPTO website to flag any obvious issues with your trademark. This is when we'll have a better understanding of whether it's time to go back to the drawing board or move forward with your trademark. 

From there, we’ll hop on the call and I'll tell you the findings. In addition, you can ask your burning questions, get a firm quote from us, and learn about moving forward with Wilson Murphy Law to register your trademark. 

If your trademark is already taken, we will discuss different strategies, so you can still try to use the trademark you love. 

And that's it!

But now you can walk away knowing whether it's time to move forward with your trademark or not. 

Here's what's included in the Trademark Clarity Call:

• A basic knockout search so that we can find out if your infringing on someone else's trademark (THIS IS MAJOR!)

• A 30-minute call with an attorney to discuss trademark strategy and the process

• The risk level of moving forward with trademark registration

• An upfront quote so you won't be surprised by legal fees 

Before Your Call

  • • Avoiding anything legal because you don't want to hear bad news about your trademark
  • • Finding multiple people using your trademark and not sure what to do
  • • Waiting and waiting for the right time to register but you know you're on the clock because trademarks keep getting taken among your peers

After Your Call

  • • Excited to move forward with trademark registration because you have an idea of where your trademark stands
  • • A course of action for registering your trademarks
  • • Feeling confident and educated about trademark registration
  • • A trademark strategy for the multiple trademarks in your business 

Don’t wait to book your spot!

Spots are locked in on a first-come, first-served basis.

Michelle has such a vast knowledge due to her law experience and being involved in the arts for many years. As an artist myself, it was comforting knowing that she understood what steps needed to be taken in order to protect my brand. She gave me sound advice that I will definitely use moving forward.

finitely use moving forward.


Cast member of Hamilton and West Side Story

It's time to put on your CEO hat, and find out whether or not you're committing trademark infringement. Let's take the next steps to take you closer to trademark registration.

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