Copyright Registration

Sometimes it's flattering when people copy you, but sometimes it gets to a breaking point.

Aren’t you tired of others taking credit for the content that you have created?

Are you wondering how to prevent others from stealing your content?  Well, the first line of defense is to register your copyright, and Wilson Murphy Law will take you through the process so that it’s seamless. Now you can stop spinning your wheels on how to do the legal stuff that you barely understand. Wilson Murphy Law can’t stop someone from stealing from you, but if they do, they will pay for their actions.

   Why should you register your copyright?

Copyrighting your content is the first line of defense if someone steals your work. Copyrighting with the Copyright Office is mandatory if you want to sue someone for using your content without your permission.

When you copyright your content, you have more leverage if you have to send a cease and desist letter. In addition, you will have statutory protections that you don’t get using a “poormans” copyright. Schedule a consultation with Wilson Murphy Law to learn more about how to register a copyright.

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