It was only a matter of time before Cardi would try to trademark her signature slogan “Okurrr”. Cardi decided to file an application to register her trademark in association with paper cups, posters, and clothing, according to Page Six. We all know Cardi is about making money, as she has told fans to Google ways to become a millionaire.

cardi b saying okurrr and files a trademark

1. Deter copiers

Have you ever walked into a boutique or a nail spa, and you knew they meant business? Yea, I know we all know the saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But there are just some things that make you look professional and like you are running s*it. That’s what the ® symbol looks like to your customers and competitors. They see it like you have taken your brand to the next level by registering it with the United States federal government. This in turn may shy away a person or company who wants to use your name or logo or any other trademark within your business to get customers.

There’s so much thievery nowadays, even by big brands who think that because they have the money they can get away with anything. *Ahem, I’m looking at you Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, the Kardashians, and a ton of the big luxury fashion brands*. But if you have a registered trademark, there’s a better chance that a person or company would not want to fight in court. And this is a great way to segway into point #2.

2. Sue infringers in Federal Court

The only way you can sue in Federal Court is if you register your trademark. There is some common law trademark protections but honestly, it doesn’t do much if someone in Texas tries to infringe on your trademark. That’s because common law trademark only covers you in your immediate geographic location. If you file and register your trademark, the court presumes that you are the owner of the trademark from the outset. You may also be granted actual costs from having to file a lawsuit, attorney’s fees, and statutory damages up to $200,000.00. 

3. Professional and trustworthy

By filing a trademark and using the ® symbol, there is a level of professionalism that people see, like I said above. People think that if you have registered your trademark, that your trademark carries value. And that you are a brand that will continually grow in size and money.

4. Leverage

If you file a trademark registration application, you will be able to send a cease and desist letter. The letter may have more impact, because they are likely to take it more serious. And you may be able to get them to stop their behavior without resorting to filing a lawsuit because they know you are the one that owns that trademark. 

5. Protection from US Customs if someone tries to import products using your trademark

Lastly, if you sell products and you registered your trademark, the products with your trademark will be stopped by US Custom and Border Protection. The products will be seized and destroyed if someone is infringing on your trademark. 

These are all really good reasons to think about filing a trademark application. If you want to learn more about the trademark process at Wilson Murphy Law, you can find the information here

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