Why shell out thousands to have a custom contract created for your business, when you can get a bulletproof plug and play contract template from WM Law Shop?

When you run a creative business, contracts that govern your operations are a necessity. Whether it’s keeping employees or independent contractors inline or collaborating on podcasts, blogs or social media takeovers, the fact still remains that you need a contract that covers all your bases.

Getting a custom contract for every need can be pricey, which can eat into your margins. The WM Law Shop is here to solve your needs without breaking the bank.

Each of these simple contracts was designed to protect your interests when you work with others. As a practicing attorney, I’ve worked with enough creative clients in the trademark and copyright law space to know the common pitfalls and what to look out for. I understand you.

These contracts for creatives are legally binding, designed to suit your business’ purpose and protects your interest as best as legally possible. Click here for more information on the contract drafting process.