Running a creative business means DIY-ing as much as you can, especially in the early stages.

Do you want to DIY your own contracts for your biz, but don’t know how to create a document that is legally binding and covers all your bases?

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Just because you don’t have a ton of money to spend on an attorney, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good contract to present to employees, independent contractors, and clients. But those free contract templates you downloaded from Google ain’t it.

You need a contract that makes you feel safe and protected in your business, and ensures that when something goes awry you can seek legal recourse in a court of law. 9 times out of 10, Google contract templates don’t give you that kind of security.

I created the #LegallyBound seven-day email crash course for business owners just like you, who need all the protection you can get, but can’t afford to spend money on an attorney right now.

In this crash course, you’ll learn…

  • How to create a simple contract in plain English that packs the same punch as one written in legalese.
  • How to structure the payment clause of your contract so there’s no confusion about how or when you get your coins.
  • How to sign your contract so you aren’t held personally liable if things go south.
  • Tips from a licensed, practicing attorney on how to make your contract rock solid, regardless of your kind of creative business.
  • The essential clauses every contract should have, including verbiage written by an actual attorney that you can plug into your contract.This FREE seven-day course is such an amazing value and is packed with information that other small business attorneys would have you pay hundreds for!Let me help you write the ideal contract for creatives. Fill out of the form below to be notified when #LegallyBound is next open for enrollment!

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The attorney behind the course...

I’m Michelle, a small business attorney who helps creative entrepreneurs and small business owners protect their business through trademarks, contracts, copyrights, and business formations.

As the owner and legal mind behind Wilson Murphy Law, I work to make sure that all the “legal stuff” in your business is taken care of well, and works to protect you.

#LegallyBound is an easy and painless way to ensure that you start your business off on the right foot! Over the seven days, you’ll only need to devote less than ten minutes each day to make contracts that are easy to understand and legally binding.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Join the waitlist for #LegallyBound, and be the first to learn how to create a binding simple contract for your business.