If you are making more than $1,000/year with your business or side hustle, then you need to form a business entity.  While there are several types of business entitities, the most common entities are limited liability companies and corporations. By forming a business entity, you are covering your business and protecting your ASSets. When you conduct business as a sole proprietor or general partnership, you are asking for your bank accounts to be seized, getting rid of the Mercedes, and possible foreclosure on your properties, if you can’t pay your business debts.  This not only affects your business, but can also affect your marriage and your children’s future.

Forming an LLC or corporation not only protects your business, but it protects you. Schedule a consultation on how to form an LLC or corporation.

*This service is only available for Florida residents or businesses that want to form an LLC or corporation in Florida.*

Schedule a Clarity Call

  1. First, Wilson Murphy Law will gather information from you and we will discuss your business during your consultation.
  2. I will prepare your documents, and review them with you. The documents that I prepare for you depend on the package you choose and the type of entity you are forming.
  3. I will file your documents with The Florida Department of State.
  4. Once the state approves your documents and the documents I prepare are ready, I will send the documents to you in one electronic document (PDF). You have the option of getting the documents sent to you in an e-folder with all of the documents separated.
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Basic LLC/Corporation Package

For the business owner who doesn't want the fuss or the extras.
  • Preparing and filing the documents for your LLC or Corporation (Articles of Organization (LLC) or Articles of Incorporation (Corporation)) to the Department of State
  • EIN (the Social Security Number for your business)
  • Filing fee included (up to $160 savings)
florida attorney filing application to open LLC in Florida

Deluxe LLC/ Corporation Formation

Perfect for the business owner that has no clue where to start and wants the cherry on top. Payment plans are available.
  • Preparing and filing Articles of Organization (LLC) or Articles of Incorporation (Corporation) to the Department of State
  • Minutes template for Corporation or LLC resolution (official account of what is said during meetings)
  • EIN (the Social Security Number for your business)
  • Business name search for trademarking
  • Basic operating agreement for LLC or bylaws for corporation for one member that governs the operations of the company and to define the roles, rights, and responsibilities of the sole member
  • Privacy policy and terms of service for your website
  • Filing fee included (up to $160 savings)