Influencer Contract Template (Pro-Advertiser)


The rise of influencer marketing makes influencers a hot commodity. Using an influencer to promote your small business may be the silver bullet you need to catapult your brand into the big leagues. But working with an influencer leaves you susceptible to being ripped off.

Like any business that involves the use of intellectual property and creative ideas, working with an influencer can turn out really good, or really bad for the associated business. However, an influencer marketing agreement solves all of those problems. Instead of being at the mercy of the influencer, a contract will keep you in control of how things proceed, ensuring that your business stands to reap the benefits of what you paid for.


With this specially crafted influencer contract, you’ll be able to experience the protection that comes from legally defined working terms that protect you and your business. It’s created with your business’ best interest in mind!


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If you own a business or are a marketer, and you are using influencers to market your products or services, then this influencer contract template is for you.

This template is easy to understand, and will legally shield you when you decide to collaborate with an influencer. This template will leave you stress-free and give you more time to work on the aspects of your business that you actually enjoy.

This agreement is Pro-Advertiser. That means the clauses and stipulations are more beneficial to the owner/advertising company.

Template includes:

  • Instant access to the template, so you can use it TODAY
  • Video instructions going through the template with an attorney
  • Access to an attorney at NO CHARGE if you have simple questions
  • Choice of clauses regarding when and how content promotion should be presented by the influencer on a social media platform
  • Non-payment stipulation if influencer does not follow through on agreement
  • Clause that discusses payment to influencer
  • Clause on exclusive ownership of influencer’s content
  • An optional exclusivity clause about who influencer can work for
  • Confidentiality clause for your trade secrets
  • Termination clause
  • Mediation-arbitration clause if someone breaches the contract and you don’t want the first step to be court
  • A template drafted by a US attorney that’s a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney

If you are an influencer that works with a marketing agency/advertisers, then use this influencer contract template that protects you as an influencer.

Note: This templates addresses common issues when engaging in influencer marketing. Once you have completed your template, it is a good idea to have another attorney review your contract because every state has different contract laws.

Disclaimer: This template is not legal advice and is for educational purposes. This template nor does the information in this template form an attorney-client relationship.

Refund policy: There is a 5-day money back guarantee, if you are unsatisfied for any reason. After 5 days, there are no refunds.


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