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Your business deserves all the legal protection it can get. That copy-and-paste terms and conditions page that you found on Google won’t help you if someone really decides to misuse your content.

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A terms and conditions page is necessary to ensure that your website and your interests are protected, and with thousands of cases of plagiarism happening every day, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

How would you feel if the one time someone decides to steal your content, you don’t have any legal footing because your terms and conditions page has a loophole? A terms and conditions page protects you in other ways as well, since it defines the relationship between your company and any visitor of your website.

Still, hiring a lawyer to draft a custom page for you can be expensive for a small business like yours. That’s why this terms and conditions template was created with you in mind. Created by an attorney who has worked with creative entrepreneurs and bloggers like you, this template covers all your bases and protects your interests.

This fill in the blank template is easy to fill in and understand. Plus, it will only take about 20 minutes to read and fill out.

What does this contract template include?

  • How visitors can use any content you post
  • How visitors can use any other intellectual property aka trademarks on your website
  • Refund policy
  • What happens if your client’s credit card information is stolen using your website (SPOILER: You aren’t held liable)
  • Steps to take if you use copyrighted and someone accuses you of copyright infringement
  • If you sell digital products, if your products can or can’t be shared
  • Limiting your liability for mistakes and visitors who think they can get certain results from using your website

Who is this template for?

  • Anyone who has a website or blog
  • Anyone who sells products or services on their website

Note: Once you have completed your template, it is a good idea to have another attorney review your contract because every state has different contract laws. USA citizens should use this template.

Disclaimer: This template is not legal advice and is for educational purposes. This template nor does the information in this template form an attorney-client relationship.

Refund policy: There is a 5-day money back guarantee, if you are unsatisfied for any reason. After 5 days, there are no refunds.


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