Website Disclaimers Template


Your website needs to have a disclaimer if you post sponsored content, use affiliate links, or just CYA (cover your assets). If you aren ‘ t sure what a disclaimer is, it ‘ s a notice on your website in an effort to limit your liability if someone uses information on your site to get a certain outcome.


This disclaimer template was drafted by a small business attorney who has worked with creative businesses just like yours. It covers all of your bases and ensures that your business is protected. Best of all you get to tailor it to your website’s needs. 

Get rid of that disclaimer you copied from another website and invest in a disclaimer template that actually protects you for less than what it would cost to consult with an attorney to have this done.

This disclaimer template includes:

  • Earnings disclaimer
  • Affiliate disclaimer
  • Professional-client relationship disclaimer
  • Testimonial disclaimer
  • And more…

Disclaimer: This template is not legal advice and is for educational purposes. This template nor does the information in this template form an attorney-client relationship.

Refund policy: There is a 5-day money back guarantee, if you are unsatisfied for any reason. After 5 days, there are no refunds.


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