Let’s trademark a business name or logo, so you can be seen as the expert you are

Because there is nothing more painful than to work hard at establishing your brand, only to have it copied by a less than scrupulous brand trying to take credit for all of your hard work.

first of all, it’s not your fault

The legalities of a business can keep you stuck. You’re not a lawyer and you have no desire to learn about the law. Let’s face it, “How to trademark a business name” is not in your wheelhouse.

You’re feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list. You log into Instagram to take your mind off your business, only to see an Instagram profile of someone copying your brand. You’re selling the same things and she’s trying to use your established brand to her advantage.

Registering for trademark protection with the USPTO can prevent this from happening.

And now, It’s time to protect your intellectual property rights with a trademark attorney by your side to support you. 




A trademark attorney who works with 6 and 7 figure businesses to position themselves as leaders and the go-to business for their clients and customer’s needs.


An attorney that takes the time to strategize on trademarking your business name so it goes through on the first try.


An attorney who doesn’t treat your business like a number, but as the VIP that you are. 


Someone to take the trademark registration process off your plate because with registered marks comes expansion (hello Target and Today show!). And you’ll need to use the time you were researching about trademarks to hire.

That’s where I come in


I see the pitfalls of trademark registration online that many small business owners make, and I come in like Olivia Pope and strategize with you to fix the problem.  

Too many times, small business owners don’t worry about legalities, like TM registration. Turns out, you should have been worried about that all along. Many business owners are intimidated by lawyers, but as a trademark lawyer I’ve done my best to not only educate but empower you to understand the issues you’ll face, if you don’t put legal preventions in place. 

Understanding the legalities behind the trademark process and how to trademark your business name allows us to assist you in making precise, informed decisions regarding the protection of your trademarks and intellectual property. Get to a Forbes Level A-team status by having us on your side.


“Michelle Murphy is someone you want on your legal team”

If you’re looking for an attorney that you can trust, then look no further. Michelle Murphy is someone you want on your legal team. Michelle is professional, patient, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Michelle Murphy to anyone.



trademark name SEARCH + ANALYSIS

A trademark name search analysis + opinion letter, so we can see what obstacles you may face and we will strategize on how to avoid them 



Unlimited communication (email or scheduled phone calls) and you’ll know where in the process we are with monthly updates 



That means that the cost to trademark a name is given to you upfront. You won’t get unexpected bills because at Wilson Murphy Law, we abhor the hourly billing model of traditional law firms



Since this is a year long process, you can expect to hear from us regularly letting you know where you are in the process.



Once we file your application, you can sit back and relax and let us handle the heavy lifting


a business owner who is making a consistent 5 figures or more in their business

 a ceo who understands how important it is to have an attorney their side plus despises doing things outside of their zone of genius

 a business owner who is ready to expand their business and make an impact on their customers and clients

a business owner who understands that decisions, like not registering a trademark, can be costly down the road

 Because it’s too late when you receive a cease and desist letter

THE INVESTMENT to trademark A business name or logo

➤ Trademark name search + opinion letter so that we can see what the trademark process will like for your brand

➤ Trademark strategy for your brand

Trademark application filing

➤ Unlimited phone calls and emails

➤ Procedural office actions for those minor legal issues with your trademark application

➤ Maintenance guide so you know what to do after your trademark is registered

➤ Law firm that’s practice is 90% focused on trademarks

➤ Peace of mind: Priceless



“So much clarity”

In 30min, Michelle gave me SO much clarity on the next steps for my practice! I feel clear and confident on my options that she thoughtfully laid out, and I truly appreciate her guidance. I look forward to working with her in the future!


“working with her is a pleasure”

Michelle was really straight forward with me and clearly presented the options available for my business situation. Her delightful demeanor–even when delivering difficult news–makes working with her a pleasure.

What’s next?

  1. Fill out the intake form, and you’ll be redirected to a two videos for you to watch. If you have questions, you can schedule a paid consultation.
  2.  If you don’t have questions and would like to move forward with your trademark, please email us, and we will send you the proposal + invoice.
  3. You will fill out your trademark questionnaire, then my firm will do the trademark search and send you the opinion letter.
  4. Then we will move forward with filing your trademark application. You’ll confirm that all information on the application is correct.
  5. I’ll respond to any issues from the Trademark Office (substantive office actions are an additional fee).
  6. You’re a new registered trademark owner, and we’ll send you the certificate and maintenance guide. 

Questions you have + Answers

How much does it cost to register a trademark?

Our rates start at $3000, however, it can increase depending on the exact circumstances of your situation. We would need to listen and learn about what you need and then give you a price that fits. 

If lowest cost is the only determining factor for you, then we are not a good fit for your needs. 

We offer more than most trademark attorneys in this package, in addition to phenomenal customer service. We do our best to make our clients happy.

Businesses copy all the time. Registering a trademark is a waste of time, so what’s the point?

First, registering your trademark is a must if you are working with investors or Amazon. Investors don’t want to touch you with a 10 foot pole if you don’t have the trademark registered with the Trademark Office. In addition, if someone infringes on your trademark you can send a cease and desist letter with the serial number/registration number of your trademark. This will have a much greater impact on the infringer. For more benefits, read this blog post.

What happens if the name I want is taken?

If the name you want is taken, we will strategize together how to fix the trademark, so that we can push it through. Or you can stop the process and use a different name. Since I perform the trademark process in two steps (search, then file) with two different payments associated with it, you won’t have to pay for the whole package if you decide not to file.

How long will it take to register my trademark?

The trademark process takes about 9-12 months. I will be on the matter the whole time, continually sending updates.

What if I’m not selling anything yet, can I still register a trademark?

Yes, if you have a name that you love, I highly suggest “saving your spot” using a 1(b) application. You can file a 1(b) application which allows a mark to be filed without showing use at the time of filing. A 1(b) application preserves your rights on the trademark register as the first filed mark. When you start using your trademark, I will file a “statement of use” showing the Trademark Office that you’re using your trademark as stated on the application.

What do I do after my trademark is approved?

After your trademark is approved, you’ll need to maintain the trademark. After working with us, you’ll receive a Goodbye packet with directions on when to renew your trademark registration. 

Additionally, it’s good to turn on a Google alert so that you can see where your trademark is being used. *Hint* You can do this before trademark registration approval.

Ready to get started?

We take a limited number of clients, because we believe you are a VIP and should be treated like one. We are not a trademark factory, that churns out as many trademarks as we can. 

We are working together for at least a year and we want to ensure that all parties are happy. 

Our clients understand that registering for trademark protection is one of the most important aspects of their business and require strategy. They are fully aware that it’s not just a form that we’re filling out. If this sounds like you, we’re so excited to work with you


“Made the process seamless”

Hire her already!!! I’m so glad I chose Michelle to file my trademark. The entire process was seamless. Since then, I’ve purchased several other products from her. She’s very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend her!!