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7 legal mistakes cheat sheet

Grab the FREE cheat sheet that’ll save you thousands of dollars and a headache. Jumpstart the legal aspects of your business RIGHT NOW.

trademark roadmap

Want to know what it looks like inside the trademark process? This roadmap is a step by step guide of what to expect when you are registering your trademark. You’ll also learn common mistakes that applicants make when filing their application.


need more than a freebie? These might help.

The CEO Legal kit

Need an all in one legal guide for your business? The CEO Legal Kit includes topics like the difference between an S-Corp and LLC, how to do a trademark search, how to use pictures online legally, and so much more. This kit also comes with legal disclaimers for your website and a refund/return/cancellation policy template. 


tackle your trademark

Don’t think you’re ready to hire an attorney to register your trademark? Use this course to DIY your trademark application. This course is a 7 module step-by-step guide to filing your application. This course comes with a workbook for your notes and action items, sample applications that have been approved, and a live walkthrough of the trademark application.