Imagine signing on to instagram and seeing your competitor with the same name and selling the same service or product as you

What are you going to do?

Yes, you could slide into their DMs and demand they take it down. But without the trademark registration, it’s a shot in the dark. If you had your registration certificate, you could send it to Instagram and they would take down that person’s profile.  

Trademark registration is a powerful tool, and small business owners need to think about registering their trademarks now more than ever. That’s why I’ve created a guide so that you can learn more about trademarks and the process to register your trademarks.

Grab the trademark roadmap to guide you on the pitfalls of trademarks and the trademark registration process  

You’ll learn:

  • The best types of names so that you have a smooth trademark registration process
  • A common mistake with trademarks that’ll get you sued
  • 4 reasons why a company will oppose your trademark 
  • Common reasons for trademark rejection