How would you feel if your business disappeared tomorrow?

This could happen in an instant, if you don't register your trademarks!

If you keep procrastinating about registering your trademarks, your competitor can swoop in and register before you. Now it's back to the drawing board in your business and a whole lot of money to rebrand.

 Grab this free roadmap that’ll guide you through the federal trademark registration process.  

  • Revealed: How to create a Name that turns into a registered trademark 
  • A common mistake with trademarks that’ll get you sued
  • 4 reasons why a company will oppose your trademark 
  • Common reasons for trademark rejection

Hi, I'm Michelle Murphy!

I’m a trademark and small business attorney.

I work with entrepreneurs to protect their business from copycats so they can flourish in their business and create a legacy.  

Your trademarks are one of the most valuable assets in your business, and I'm ready to help you protect them so that no one can profit off of the business you've built.

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