Should I hire a trademark attorney?

should i hire an attorney




You keep hearing: “The trademark application is easy to fill out you don’t need to hire an attorney”. I’m going to tell you in this video why that is horrible advice to take and why it’s necessary to hire an attorney to register at your trademarks.


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Statistics about trademark registration

First I’m going tell you a few statistics about registering your trademark.


Statistic number one is that applications that are filed by attorneys are 50% more likely to be successful than ones that aren’t filed by attorneys. Statistic number two is that 83% of applications received an initial reaction.


So the answer to the question of if you need to hire a trademark attorney to file your application is absolutely yes. And I’m not only saying this because I am a trademark attorney.

Why hire a trademark attorney?

So when you hire trademark application attorney most of them will do some type of search. Whether it’s a basic search or a comprehensive trademark search. In my law firm I perform a comprehensive trademark search. This comes up with every single trademark out there that could be similar to yours. It’s not just the registered trademarks. It’s state trademarks, social media names, YouTube names, Amazon businesses, and more.


And I’ve also heard some business consultants say that they can help with your trademark application. However, the consultant would be practicing law. That is the unauthorized practice of law and your application could end up being void.


In addition, trademark lawyers use strategies if there is a name similar to yours. 


If you are not 120% confident that you know what you’re doing when filing your trademark then you definitely should hire somebody. And if you do file your trademark like I said above 83% of these get initial rejections and you don’t know how to respond back which is usually through a legal argument then you’re going to have to hire an attorney anyway if you want Your trademark approved.


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