Wilson Murphy Law offers small businesses legal services such as trademarks, copyrights, contracts, and business entity formation. These 4 services will provide legal protection to your business so that you can feel relief about the legal aspects.

These services help with prevention of legal issues arising. When you have a brick wall in place, it’s a lot harder to knock down than if you have temporary wire fencing, hoping no one will cross it.

Legal protections you get with Wilson Murphy Law:

1) Trademark registration deters companies or people who try to pose as you or your brand.

2) By forming a business entity, your business becomes an asset instead of a liability. Your business is now an asset because it is its own separate entity with its own bank account. By continuing to operate as a sole proprietor, you are taking a chance for outsiders to sue for your personal and business assets.

3) Ensure that your contracts cover your behind, instead of being a pain in your you-know-what. By having the right contracts in place you can breath a sigh of relief that your small business is protected. An air-tight contract does not leave questions for the people or businesses that you work with. In addition, Wilson Murphy Law writes contracts with little legal jargon so that it’s understandable to everyone.

4) Legal consequences to those who attempt to steal your content, and possible compensation for your loss.

Need help with any of these small business services? Fill out this form and Wilson Murphy Law will get back to you within 24 hours to see if there is a way to resolve your legal issue.