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Wilson Murphy Law is here to guide you through the online trademark registration process. Together, we will continue growing your business in value and recognition. By trademarking your name or logo now, there is a shield in place if someone tries to infringe on your trademark in the future. 
Trademark registration can take up to a year or more. With the internet, businesses are growing faster and faster and people are profiting off brands and content that isn’t theirs on a daily basis. Waiting until you go viral will result in infringers who won’t have to face the consequences as someone who has registered their trademark. 
If you don’t register your mark, you will not have protections such as costs, statutory damages, and attorneys fees. If someone infringes on your mark, and you have registered your mark, the court assumes that you own the mark. That’s half the battle in an infringement suit.
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Trademark Registration Process

  1. Initially, Wilson Murphy Law will gather information from you. 
  2. If we agree to work together, I will send you an invoice and fee agreement for you to sign.
  3. I will do a preliminary knockout search using Google and the USPTO trademark database (TESS). TESS is the database that the the person approving your trademark uses to analyze your mark.
  4. Depending on the package you choose, I will do a full clearance search using Markify. This includes searches for phonetic similarity, identical marks, plurals, abbreviations, and so much more. Markify searches state records, business names, domain names, social media, and web searches for your trademark.
  5. I will give you an oral or written recommendation on how to proceed with your application, depending on your package.
  6. I can recommend a class for you or you will have to choose your class. Look through the USPTO class manual.
  7. File the trademark application with the USPTO.
  8. If there are any issues, a trademark examining attorney will send an office action. Once the examining attorney clears all issues, they will place your mark on the official gazette.
  9. Finally, if no one objects to your trademark, then the USPTO places your mark on the principal register, and you will receive a certificate.
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Basic Trademark Package

(one class included, each additional class is $500)
Best package if the name that you are trademarking is unique. Think Nike or Kodak.
  • Preliminary knockout trademark search (searching the USPTO database and Google for your mark)
  • Choose your own class from the USPTO class manual (category your goods/services fit into by USPTO standards)
  • Oral Recommendation on whether your trademark is registrable (i.e. will it be rejected)
  • File online trademark registration application
  • Filing fee included (up to $400 savings)

Non-Substantive Office Action responses and Substantive Office Action responses are NOT INCLUDED and charged at an hourly rate

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Deluxe Trademark Package

(one class included, each additional class is $500)

A deep dive search to ensure that your trademark goes through the trademark process without hitting a roadblock. Payment plans are available.

  • Preliminary knockout search
  • Comprehensive trademark search and clearance
  • Written Opinion Recommendation on whether your trademark is registrable (i.e. will it be rejected)
  • Recommendation by attorney on trademark classes
  • File online trademark registration application
  • Non-Substantive Responses to Office Actions (Up to 3)
  • Cease and Desist letter template to send to infringers
  • Filing fee included (up to $400 savings)

After the 3rd non-substantive Office Action, you will be charged at an hourly rate. Substantive Office Action responses are NOT INCLUDED and charged at an hourly rate

FAQs for online trademark registration
What is a trademark?

A trademark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services. A trademark can be a name, logo, sound, or color. Wilson Murphy Law works with trademarks that are names and logos.

What benefits do I get when I trademark? 
  1. You can use the registered trademark symbol, ®
  2. You can file a trademark infringement lawsuit in federal court and may obtain monetary remedies, including infringer’s profits, damages, costs, and, in some cases, treble damages and attorneys’ fees
  3. It bars others who have a confusingly similar mark, and
  4. It may serve as the basis for an international trademark application.
Can I file my trademark before I start selling my product or services?

You can file your trademark before you start selling your products or services, but you will have to file an intent to use application. If the Trademark office grants the intent to use application, they will issue a notice of allowance. You will have 6 months after the notice of allowance to start selling your service/product. After you start selling the product, you will have to file a statement of use which is an extra $125.00. Wilson Murphy Law takes these cases on a limited basis.

In general, you must be selling your product or service before Wilson Murphy Law will take your case.

What is an Office Action?

An Office Action is a response from the Trademark Office if they have issues with your application.

There are two different types of office actions, non-substantive and substantive.

  1. Non-substantive Office Actions are usually formalities and are usually quick to resolve.
  2. Substantive trademark Office Actions typically include a refusal to register the trademark based on certain grounds, usually due to likelihood of confusion and mere descriptiveness. Responses to substantive Office Actions generally require more research and effort, therefore costing more than non-substantive Office Action responses.

Wilson Murphy Law charges an hourly rate for non-substantive Office Action if you choose the basic trademark package. Wilson Murphy Law charges hourly for substantive Office Actions are hourly for both packages.