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Trademark registration

An all-in-one trademark registration package for the business owner who’s ready to stand out from the competition, protect their brand, and ready to expand.

You’re ready to feel secure in your business and if someone beats you to the punch in registering your trademark, you’ll be devastated.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re feeling overwhelmed and scared because your business is FINALLY growing, but legally you’re stuck. It seems like every time you turn around, you see posts about copycats and you’re scared that it’ll happen to you one day. The last thing you want to do is rebrand because you didn’t register the trademark first. Rebranding costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time that you just don’t have.

You dream of the day that you only have to work 20 hours a week in your business, and can spend more time with your loved ones. You’re ready to hire a team, but want to be confident that your brand is protected.

You want security in your business, and it’s time to become the high-end brand you’ve been dreaming about. You don’t want anyone else profiting from your name, logo, or slogan. You know it’s time to register your trademark and you’re ready to have the peace of mind that hiring a lawyer would bring you.

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Get ready to register your trademark

At Wilson Murphy Law, we offer a flat fee trademark package for the busy entrepreneur who’s ready to get legit, build credibility in their business, and grow to the next level.

*Rates start at $2400*

Meet your trademark attorney

I’m Michelle Murphy, the owner of Wilson Murphy Law. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to protect their brand through trademark registration so that no one profits from your brand without your permission or consequences. 

Over time, I’ve not only registered trademarks for the small businesses I’ve worked with, but I’ve educated them in the process. The women I work with understand what to do with their trademark after registration and how to leverage their trademarks after we’re done working together.

How good would it feel if you had clients buy from you just because of your name and magazine features? What about investors banging down your door to work with you? 

Just imagine…

• Waking up to a national publication discussing the incredible brand and business you’ve built

• Phone calls from conference planners who want you to speak and PAY YOU for it

• Paid invoices and sales overnight because clients and customers trust you and know that you provide quality and an experience that can’t be duplicated

This is all possible when you register your trademarks 

➣ Having a high profile business that’s featured in magazines and on huge platforms

➣ Working with the dreamiest of dream clients

➣ Tripling your revenue because registered trademark owners have 3x the growth than ones that don’t register

When you register your trademark, you are opening up your business to the possible and unimaginable opportunities. 

Unfortunately, this is what usually happens when you wait to register your trademark…

• The name you’ve chosen is already taken

This means you have to change the name, which means a total rebrand. Your people know you by your trademark and now you can’t even use it because you waited until you were ready. 

• Someone has stolen your name

You spent so much time coming up with this name and now someone else is posing as you and all you can do is ask nicely if they’ll take it down. There’s no urgency for the copycat to take it down because you can’t prove you own the trademark. 

• You have a hard time securing investors

Investors don’t want to take on the risk of getting hit with a trademark infringement lawsuit. They want to be sure all of the legal tasks are in place, so that their money is making money. 

But you’re smart and that’s why you’re here today 

You know your business can change lives and you’re ready to make a splash in your industry. 

It’s time for the brand recognition that you deserve, but you know you can’t do it alone. 

You know what you want your business and life to look like. You’re ready for your brand to be recognized like the other industry leaders. 

And you’re going to take that next step today when you fill out

What it’s like working with Wilson Murphy Law

Attorney Murphy was a lifesaver for me. As a new business owner, it’s easy to overlook legal matters and legal protection. Attorney Murphy is very knowledgeable and put my mind at ease to ensure my business will be legally protected.


Owner of My Shade & Texture

If you’re looking for an attorney that you can trust, then look no further. Michelle Murphy is someone you want on your legal team. Michelle is professional, patient, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Michelle Murphy to anyone.

Debra B.


Here’s how it works…

Step 1

Initially, we will have to learn more about your business and your trademark needs in a paid consultation call. I will conduct a knockout search to see if there are obvious issues with your trademark and the risk of moving forward.

Step 2

If we agree to work together, I will send you an invoice and fee agreement for you to sign. Then I’ll send a questionnaire for you to fill out.

Step 3

I’ll conduct a trademark search and give you a written recommendation on whether to proceed with the application.

Step 4

File TM Application and I will send you an email with a link where I will need to get your signature and approval of the application. 

Step 5 

It’s the waiting game. I answer any office actions and correspondence from the USPTO.

Step 6

You’re a registered trademark owner! I’ll send you the original certificate and you can finally use the ® symbol.

Everything included in your trademark registration package:

  • ➣Trademark clearance search with up to 5 classes included (because your trademark can be rejected if there’s a similar trademark in a similar class. Think about wine and wine glasses, although different classes, a brand could sell both). 
  • ➣ Written recommendation of the trademark 
  • ➣ Trademark application filing with the United State Patent and Trademark Office
  • ➣ Response to procedural (non-substantive) office actions
  • ➣ Constant communication with an attorney (NOT A PARALEGAL) on the next steps and where you are in the trademark process
  • ➣ Trademark maintenance guide so you know what to do after your mark has been registered
  • ➣ Trademark certificate after your trademark is registered
  • ➣ No unexpected bills or invoices (you know the fees upfront)
  • ➣ An attorney by your side for the next year

*Payment plans are available*

Before Trademark Registration

  • • No brand recognition so you’re not able to reach your ideal client/customer
  • • You’re remaining tight lipped about your business, which means that no one knows about you and you’re not making money
  • • Hoping and praying that nobody has registered the trademark for the name or logo you love
  • • Chasing brands to collaborate with and trying to get in front of the right audience
  • • Getting turned down by investors because they don’t want to take the risk working with you

After Trademark Registration

  • • Brand recognition turns into brand loyalty so you’re continuing to grow with new and old clients/customers
  • • Feeling confident when discussing your business because you know that no one can use your name without a cease and desist letter
  • • Marketability increases, and big brands and investors want to work together because they know that they aren’t risking their reputation and won’t be liable for a trademark that you don’t own
  • • Signing clients left and right because you know if they try to steal from you, you have protection
  • • Your likelihood of growth in revenue increases three-fold 
  • • Leverage your trademarks to create more income in your business

I am SO glad I hired Michelle! I’m disappointed that the company name I was IN LOVE WITH turned out to be already trademarked, but I’m equally as glad that I hired Michelle because I wouldn’t have known. She saved me tons of time and money!


Business Owner

John Doe

Michelle has such a vast knowledge due to her law experience and being involved in the arts for many years. As an artist myself, it was comforting knowing that she understood what steps needed to be taken in order to protect my brand. She gave me sound advice that I will definitely use moving forward.

finitely use moving forward.


Cast member of Hamilton and West Side Story

Are we right for you or your business?

Working with Wilson Murphy Law is right for you if…

✓ You want to pass off the legal aspects of your trademark to a competent attorney who communicates with you and you trust

 ✓ You’re making consistent income in your business 

 ✓ You’re ready to grow your business and level up so you can get investors 

Working with Wilson Murphy Law is not right for you if…

X Price is the only consideration and you don’t care about having a competent attorney who primarily focuses on trademarks by your side

X You are the DIY queen (or king) and want to file the application yourself

X You still want to play small and don’t want to grow your brand status


What is the cost for all of this?

Our prices are customized and depend on the exact circumstances of your situation. We would need to listen and learn about what you need and then give you a price that fits. 

We do offer flat rates so that you can budget. 

If lowest cost is the only determining factor for you, then we are not a good fit for your needs. 

We offer more than most trademark attorneys, in addition to phenomenol customer service. We do our best to make our clients happy. 

Businesses copy all the time. Registering a trademark is a waste of time, so what’s the point?

First, registering your trademark is a must if you are working with investors or Amazon. Investors don’t want to touch you with a 10 foot pole if you don’t have the trademark registered with the Trademark Office.In addition, if someone infringes on your trademark you can send a cease and desist letter and you have the serial number of your trademark, it will have a much greater impact on the infringer. For more benefits, read this blog post.

What happens if the name I want is taken?

If the name you want is taken, we will strategize together how to fix the trademark so that we can push it through. Or you can stop the process and use a different name. Since I perform the trademark process in two steps (search, then file) with two different payments associated with it, you won’t have to pay for the whole package if you decide not to file.

How long will it take to register my trademark?

The trademark process takes about 9-12 months. I will be on the matter the whole time, continually sending updates.

What if I’m not selling anything yet, can I still register a trademark?

Yes, if you have a name that you love, I highly suggest “saving your spot” using a 1(b) application. You can file a 1(b) application which allows a mark to be filed without showing use at the time of filing. A 1(b) application preserves your rights on the trademark register as the first filed mark. When you start using your trademark, I will file a “statement of use” where you’ll show the Trademark Office that you’re using your trademark.

What do I do after my trademark is approved?

After your trademark is approved, you’ll need to maintain the trademark. After working with us, you’ll receive a Goodbye packet with directions on when to renew your trademark registration. 

Additionally, it’s good to turn on a Google alert so that you can see where your trademark is being used. *Hint* You can do this before trademark registration approval.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Click the button below and fill out your details to schedule a 10 minute chat.

2. If we’re a good fit, then you’ll schedule a clarity call.

3. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the details of your appointment. 

4. After our call, you’ll sign the contract, submit your payment, and we’ll get started!

It’s time to protect your brand, your a$$ets, and prepare your business for features on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Vogue. Click the button below to schedule your 10 minute chat so we can get started. 

Not sure if you’re ready to register your trademark with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)? Grab the trademark roadmap, so that you know the steps to take when you’re ready to register, a common mistake that will get you sued, and more.

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